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Sunday, July 6, 2008

11 year old Scout camp

Dallin had the opportunity to go to 11 year old scout camp a couple of weeks ago. The first day, dad Michael was able to go and help as it was held at Baker Park in Frederick. Both Dallin and Michael had a great time. The second day was held at the Walkersville Watershed. Dallin had to bring a foil dinner and so we made roast beef, canned potatoes and a veggie and poured cream of mushroom soup over it. We have learned from campout after campout to make sure the food is precooked or you get lots of raw food. Dallin had a great time and got to be with his friends from his scout troop. Kevin W. took his son Dallin W. and our Dallin on the Friday day and overnighter and they returned on Saturday. They learned lots of first aid and passed off most of the requirements for tenderfoot, second class and first class. It was a great experience for all!

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