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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dallin gets ready for the campout

Dallin is all packed and ready to go for the 11 year old scout campout. We are so proud of Dallin and his excitement for Boy Scouts. In November, Billy will be old enough to join Boy scouts and we will have 4 of our boys together in the same troop. Dallin was excited to go to be with his friends and to learn new things and pass off some of the tenderfoot, second class and first class ranks. He was especially excited that Dad took off work and was able to go with him on the first of the three days of the camp. This 11 year old camp is a great program for the boys, since according to our troops program, the boys must be 12 to go to the full week of scout camp. So Brandon and Jadon are going to Tuckahoe this year for a week and Dallin was able to do this 3 day local 11 year old camp.

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