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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lion's Carnival

On Wednesday night, there was a Boy Scout court of Honor where Jadon, Brandon and Dallin participated. Jadon earned his Star Rank! Brandon is finishing up a leadership responsibiltiy and will have his start rank as well. Dallin is finishing up a few things and hopefully will advance to first class sometime this summer.

Well, while the rest of the family was at the Court of honor, Ammon and I decided to join my sister and her family at the Lion's Club Carnival in Mt. Airy. The kids bought all you can ride wrist bands and had fun running from ride to ride. While we were there, Ammon bumped into his good buddy and neighbor Trevor M. near the rollercoaster.
A Huge storm rolled in and buckets of water fell from the sky. We waited it out (after of course being drenched first) and then enjoyed some more rides. The band they had playing Wednesday was really great and it was a fun time for all.
Grandmom Bev K. stayed until the rain poured down and had fun watching her grandkids.

The kids all really got along great and we all had a nice evening. Ammon and I shared a chicken platter with macaroni and cheese (Ammon ate all that) and delicious corn pudding and a lemonade. Yum Yum.

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