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Sunday, June 8, 2008

And the relatives came

My sister and her husbandcame up for a visit this week. It was just delightful. We had such a great time enjoying thier family. Their 3 littles ones are just adorable and my kids had a fantastic time playing with them. Brandon was especially taken with their youngest and tried to meet his every need as he carried him from here to there. He would keep asking, "where is Brandon?"
Ammon enjoyed playing with the girls. He is smack in the middle age wise between the two girls and so it was fantastic for Ammon to have some kids his age to play with....and them being cousins was even better.
Dallin, and the girls, enjoy playing on the swing set out back on Sunday when they first came over. We were so excited to see their family.
Ammon and their son just hanging out on the playset.
Dallin liked carrying the girls around.

Billy and Brandon played on the trampoline with the kids. Billy feels lots of love for the kids.

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