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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Combined Birthday party: Grandmom's 60th and Brandon's 13th

Grandmom Bev K.'s birthday was at the end of May and we took her to see Prince Caspian at the Westview Theatre. We had a great time, but since it was her 60th birthday, we decided to have a party during the time, when my sister was visiting. So on Thursday night, we were joined by my mom's two sisters and their husband's, my dad's brother and his family, my brother in law's uncle, my family, and Christina's friend for a cookout/party.

It was actually Brandon's 13th birthday that day so we celebrated both birthdays together. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, coleslaw from Tom and Ray's restaurant, a delicious pasta salad, fruit salad, a cheese and olive tray, deviled eggs, lemonade and cake and ice cream. It was yummy. Michael did a great job grilling and everything tasted delicious. It looked like everyone had a good time visiting and for me it was one of the most relaxing events we have had here. Happy Birthday!

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