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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Domino days

We started a new rule at our house to try and cut down on some of the arguing that was going on. We decided that during the week we would no longer being having videos, computer games or playstation or x box games. We had already had a no TV rule for a few years now. Anyway, we have tried this in the past and the kids would have some sort of behavior issue and then loose the allotted time for games and so everyone would be frusterated including mom.

So we made a new rule that on Friday nights if we were home and Saturdays if we were home they would get 2 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Saturday to watch movies (or TV shows on the internet-we love Psych and Monk) or play video or computer games and the difference this time would be that they could not loose it for ANY reason EXCEPT turning them on during the week and not waiting until the right time.

Well our experiment was amazing. Nobody wanted to loose the time so no one even asked, it was wonderful not to hear all that begging and another interesting thing happened. Everyone started to play together and to read. We started a shelf on for Mom, Christina, Brianna, Linda, Jadon and Billy. They all have been reading a lot this week and have been excited to add their new books to their own shelves.

They also started playing much more together and the arguing went WAY down. Dallin played dominos for almost 3 days, building and rebuilding and letting them all crash down. He wanted a picture of all his great creations. He and Jadon competed to see who could build the best. I loved it, I love to see inspiration and creativity !!!!

We all did enjoy on Saturday and very funny espisode of Psycho online and the Jadon, Dallin, Brandon, and Billy went on a Boy Scout overnight campout and Tina had a date and Brianna and Linda had 2 girl friends over. It was a fun weekend.
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