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Friday, March 7, 2008

LDS Homeschool group goes to Day Break Adult Day Care Center for a Talent Show

Today our LDS homeschool group went to Day Break Adult Day Care center to perform a Talent show. This wonderful activity was planned by Stephanie M. and it looked like the residents there as well as all the kids had a great time! Linda and Lacey did a duet on the piano.
Jadon, our family's magician performed a skit with Brianna called the "Bannana and the Bandana" where Brianna as the magician gives instruction to her handsome assistant Jadon, who misunderstands that she is talking about the bandana instead of the banana. So he takes the banana and folds it in half, irons out the wrinkles etc etc until the banana is completely squished. At her last instruction of place it behind your ear, Jadon yells I am not doing that and Brianna turns around to see that he has been using the banana instead of the bandana. She hollars and chases him off the stage. It was super cute! Ammon told a joke as his talent. He said, "What is Harry Potter's Favorite Cereal" Answer: "Lucky Charms"

Jadon, Brianna, Billy, Ammon and Linda did a skit about fishing and Billy having all the success with catching all the fish. They keep asking him how he is having so much luck when everyone else is not getting any fish at all. He keeps mumbling his answer, they keep asking, he mumbles again. They ask again until he spits something out in his hand and answers, you have to keep the worms warm.

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