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Friday, March 7, 2008

Talent Show at Day Break Adult Day Care center PART 2

Jadon and his great friend James peform a magic trick for the audience at Day Break Adult Day Care center. Their trick showed them turning water into a solid. They went around the audience to show them that it had turned to a solid and they had to stop one of the ladies from drinking it. Jadon thought it was a funny trick because it came out of a "pranks" kit he received for Christmas and used the same material that is used in baby diapers to absorb all the water. This is another picture of Brianna and Jadon's skit, "banana and bandana"

Brandon for his talent took your average bath towel and turned it into a chicken by rolling it up. He saw this done by another boy at the homeschool conference last year but we couldn't remember the story that went with it so he just showed them his towel turned chicken. Billy and Dallin did a dance that seemed like John Travolta would have been very happy joining them. They chickened out in doing the words and synchronizing themselves for the dance but they had fun and felt good about themselves.
Billy and Dallin looking to each other to decide who is going to lead their silly dance.

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