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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stephanie's trip to Utah September 2012

 Christina (Quinn) Greenwood, Matt Greenwood, Brianna Quinn at Kneaders for Breakfast
 Christina (Quinn) Greenwood, Matt Greenwood, Poco the dog, Stephanie Quinn
 Matt and Christina's home in Orem, UT
 Matt's computer room and awesome computer
 Christina and her kitty in her backyard
 Christina (Quinn) Greenwood and Matt Greenwood on their home's back patio
 Christina (Quinn) Greenwood and Brianna Quinn repurposing a mirror at Brianna's apartment while they decorated her place
 Matt Greenwood
 Christina (Quinn) Greenwood and Emily Matthews

  Brianna's kitchen with her new canisters, crock and pasta holder
 Brianna's newly decorated apartment
 Brianna's friends from her freshman year come for a banana split party
 Danny Mann and Brianna Quinn
Brianna's friends

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