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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ammon singing at the PTA meeting

Ammon really, really, really likes his music class at Twin Ridge Elementary School. He was more than tickled when his second grade class was invited to perform for the first PTA meeting of the year. Before we left for the performance, Ammon said, "mom you are going to laugh and you are going to cry" and sure enough, I wanted to cry to see my baby boy up there singing his heart out and I laughed on one of the songs that was so animated. I was really proud of him for participating. Unfortunately, my picture taking skills are lacking and one of the photos is blurred and the other catches Ammon scratching his nose. He is the one behind the boy in the orange shirt.
The PTA served Pizza and drinks and although we had to leave early to make it to Billy's Iron Man Cub Scout activity, Ammon was able to stay with his friend Trevor and family to participate in all the fun games that Home and School Connection brought for the event. I think he had a great time and made him want to go to the Grid Iron Family Activity night last week which unfortunately we don't have any pictures from. He is enjoying school and I have been so pleased with all the great teachers and school staff who make Twin Ridge a wonderful learning enviornment.

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