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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The highlight of the visit was seeing Scott and Jennifer

Dallin wanted a webkinz for his birthday. He had been playing on the webkinz website onlinel with his friend Lacey M. He wanted a webkinz so he could have his own account online. So when we went to a Cracker Barrell for breakfast, we bought him his own webkinz. He thought it so funny that at the hotel near Kirtland that the housekeeping staff, when cleaning the room, propped up his webkinz on the made him laugh so hard when we returned to the room to see the panda and other bear sitting up waiting for us to return.
Scott, Jennifer and mom

Out of all the wonderful places we visited, the yummy restaurants where we ate, the fun things we far the most terrific part of our trip was visiting with my brother Scott and his delightful wife Jennifer. It was so good to see them. It was great to hear of things going on in their life, it was good to talk about everything but especially to laugh together and share spiritual feelings and insights. It was Scott and Jennifer, my uncle and aunt Eric and Gloria and my mom Beverly and my 3 boys, Dallin, Billy and Ammon and myself. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful family. I am grateful to know that familes can be eternal, that the relationships we have here on earth can go on beyond this life into eternity. I am grateful for God's designs that families can be forever and that the thing that can bring us the greatest happiness in this life and in the next is the strengthening of family relationships.

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