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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brianna's Fabulous Trip To NYC Part Four: Lunch

We had our little hearts set on pizza. After we couldn't find the place we had originally intended to go (The guy who recommended it said to "Just ask anyone. They will know". Well, no one knew. No one had ever heard of it) we ended up finding this place to have pizza. So good! The pizza was HUGE and I had trouble bitting into the whole thing so of course, we had to have pictures! I got the veggie pizza and I will tell you this, that pizza was LOADED with veggies! They had the veggies you see on top but then they would hid more under the cheese. I think they did this just to ensure there was no tidy way to eat it. You would take a bit you thought you could handle then find yourself trying to pull off an enormous mushroom hidden just out of sight. It was very fun.

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