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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brianna's Fabulous Birthday Trip To NYC Part Five: Wicked!!!!!

After lunch it was time for the show...


We walked in the building and bought a magnet for my mom (I had strict instructions from her to buy a magnet and did not want to disappoint). Then we went upstairs to see the show. I walk in and there is a giant dragon above the stage that takes my breath away for just a second ( I never really figured out what he was for but he definitely looked awesome) and then I take it all in. There are these vines that entangle everything on the sides of the stage and the curtain is a giant map of oz. We are led to our seats and I almost freak. They are like right in the front, dead center. I am almost afraid for the show to start for fear one of the actors will fall on top of me. Luckily this fear went away the second the curtain lifted. The moment it starts I know I love it. The show is absolutely awesome possum!!!!!!!!! The songs are amazing! The actors are perfect! Not to mention absolutely hilarious. We make it to the intermission and a look of understanding crosses my face. Suddenly I realize, "This means that it is only half way over. We still have half the show to go." I want to scream "Yippee! There is more!" My dad and I start discussing what is going to happen next. How will all work out? I am soooooo ready for the rest of it.

I just want to say this about Wicked, it is amazing! I had the song What is this Feeling stuck in my head the rest of the day. I can't even describe it much more then to just say it was amazing!

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