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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Bed and Breakfast and the Car

What a wonderful trip Michael and I had going just the two of us to visit our son Donald in Independence, Missouri. We are so grateful to our dear friends John and Stephanie M. for recommending this incredible Bed and breakfast inn. If you are ever traveling to the Kansas City, Indpenedence, Missouri area, check it out. It is called the Woodstock Inn, www The decor was so fun and the breakfasts were absolutely delicious, especially the tortillas with eggs and ranch sauce, yum yum. Some mysterious person also gave us a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant. It was what you would say was a dining experience. Our waiter, was a comic and an awesome story teller. He was so intriguing we almost felt like we should pull up a chair so he could join us !!! He kept our interest with embellishing tales of Al Capone and his family's connection with the mob. The food was divine. He brought out different sauces for us to taste to choose for our pasta. It was so filling we took some back to the inn with us along with 4 desserts, since we couldn't just choose 2.
We loved the car we were able to rent. Prior to making our reservation, I kept thinking how much fun it would be to rent something a bit more whimsical than the traditional Ford Taurus or something like that. In the end we decided they were too pricey but we were pleasantly surprised that our "budget" choice turned out to be such a fun car. We don't even know what type of car it was, but we loved it and it was fun to drive. Donald thought it was really cool when we showed up on the doorstep to pick him up.

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