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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ammon and Liam

When the rest of the family went on a Homeschool field trip to Washington DC, Ammon had the wonderful opportunity to spend the night and next day with his buddy Liam D. Liam and Ammon are really two peas in a pod. They are so much alike, it is incredible!!! Liam's family was so sweet to Ammon that when he got in teh car when we picked him up, we finally had to ask him to take a break as he was talking a mile a minute about all the fun he had at their home. He said he got to eat his favorite foods of macaroni and cheese and pizza, which he let me know were Liam's favorites too! Liam's mom took the kids to see "Horton Hears a Who" at the movie theatre and Ammon just loved it especially since he said he got popcorn AND candy. He had a wonderful time. We feel so blessed when our kids have good friendships, such as this one between Liam and Ammon. I know he is a wonderful friend and a good example to Ammon and I feel so blessed that they are such good buddies!

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