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Friday, February 29, 2008

Our pets: Princess Kitty and Katie

In our family we have not only nine kids and a dog but a cat also. Our cat's name is Princess Kitty. She showed up on our back porch a couple of years ago around Halloween time. She was so scrawny and her neck is bent so that she always looks like she is puzzled by what you are saying. We don't think she can hear either and she rarely makes any sounds except a very strange drum like beating and when she coughs up fur balls, which of course is discusting. She is a great cat for our family, because even with all her problems, she is loving and sweet.

Katie, or dog on the other hand is not so sweet. Her nickname is Cujo and we tell people when they drive up to the house, not to get out of their cars until we put her away. She is very protective of our family but doesn't seem to mind nipping and growling at us as well when she doesn't like something. She thinks she is in charge of the family.

After watching several episodes of the dog whisperer, we decided that is what we need. Someone to fix Katie so she can be the dog that just lays around lazily all over the house instead of the ferocious dog that she can be a great deal of the time.

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