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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More old, old photos of siblings meeting one another

After a fun day of 7 kids meeting their new siblings, everyone got into their jammies, the girls stayed in one room with mom and the boys stayed in an adjoining room with dad. They watched a little tv to have some down time before bed.

The very first trip, when Michael and Stephanie went to Kansas City to meet the kids for the first time, which was without Brianna, Jadon and Dallin we met the four kids with their foster parents and social workers at a bowling alley. The thing I remember most about that day, was Brandon walking up to Michael and saying, "so you are going to be my new daddy?' Billy hardly talked at all but was so tiny and so cuddly. The first thing I remember Tina saying at the bowling alley to me was, "if you adopt me can you please get me some new glasses, I hate these glasses".
Brianna, Dallin and Jadon at the airport on their way to meet their soon to be new siblings. They knew they were going to meet 4 new siblings but little did they know then, that they would eventually have 6 new siblings making a family of 9 kids. Enjoying a lunch together at the Adam's Mark Hotel. Here is Brandon, Christina, Brianna and Dad Michael in the background.
Swimming was everyone's favorite outing. It seemed the best way to have everyone let down their guards and just be fun and silly and get to know one another and the family that would soon be meshed together, two families becoming one. We had brought several buckets of toys with us so that the kids could have lots of time to just sit in the hotel room and just play together to get to know each other.

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