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Friday, January 11, 2008

Brianna's poem

Only Words

Why is it in my mind it all seems clear
But when I try to put it into the words
Of only a moment
It all seems to leave?
How can I tell you what goes on in me
When every time I try to express it
Every though I have flees?

The word “Lonely” can’t make you feel
The pain of sitting alone,

The word “Happiness” can’t make you feel
The way I did when I went to church
And understood how much God loves me.

The word “Rejoice” can’t make you feel
The absolute power of being in a room
Of people filled with the spirit
Standing and raising their voices in a prayer,
Of strength.

The word “Scared” can’t begin to make clear
The things I feel every time
I hear of the horrible things happening
In my world today
And knowing I don’t want to be there.

The word “Peace” can’t make you feel,
The feeling of lying out in the sun
With the wind running its fingers through your hair
Where the entire world seems to slow down,
Just for a second.

The word “Love” can’t express
The feeling I have every time I think of you.
How I admire you for all the things you do
And for everything you are,
How grateful I am everyday that you try
Even when I know it’s hard,
And how much I love to be with you
Because you are my friend.

How can I let you feel that?
It is a feeling that can’t be put into words
But I try again …

I love you mom.

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