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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brianna's essay for her English Class-"All About Brie"

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ll start with the facts Fact: My name is Brianna but my nickname is Brie, just Brie (Yes Brie is a type of cheese but I love cheese so that is fine with me). Fact: My grandma calls me Brianna Banana Fact: My dad wanted to name me Jenel and my mom said “Uh, No.”Fact: I am tall, about 5’8 Fact: I am fifteen years oldFact: I have a large family with eight brothers and sistersFact: I am home schooledFact: I have brown hair and green eyes that often look blue from far awayFact: My best friend is Julia

I was born in ... I started out as the oldest child so I got a lot of attention (and my own baby book). Two years later my brother Jadon was born (He doesn’t have a baby book and this disturbs him greatly) and two years after that my brother Dallin was born (also no baby book. My mom used to look at pictures of kids that were up for adoption on the Internet. One day when I was about nine years old she found a picture of some kids and said, “These kids look nice, lets put our name in to adopt them”. So, we did and I thought nothing of it because I never thought anything would actually happen. That was until “Surprise!” they picked us. So, added to my life were Donald, Christina, Linda, Brandon, Billy and Ammon. Well, we bought a giant van that we nicknamed The Q Mobile, started using two carts at the grocery store, shared bedrooms, used a lot of bunk beds and pretty much had our own baseball team in the back yard. It has affected my whole life and taught me a lot of different things. I have learned to share everything, not to try to save food till later, how to get along with a lot of different people and to think about others. I still learn from them.

So here I am today. I love being a teenager because I feel like I get to try out all this stuff, decide what I like, what I don’t like and then define myself. So far I have decided I love writing especially poetry and letters but I do not like working on “writing conventions.” I love dogs but don’t care much for cats. I used to be very scared of dogs but was practically forced to give that up on the day my parents decided, all of a sudden, to get a puppy (my second big surprise). I am fascinated by world history and politics. I love art both to view and to make. I don’t like chocolate ice cream or mismatched socks. I love to laugh and have a passion for music and dancing.

People use words like smart, nice, funny and quiet to describe me, but my friends and family know I am not quiet. In the words of my mother, “Brianna you are so weird”. I have an interesting personality that gets stranger when I am around my friend, Julia. Julia and I have been friends since we were “wee things”. One of the biggest surprises that came in my life was when I found out she was moving to England for five years! I was extremely upset because four years when you are only about four pretty much means forever. Well life went on and five years later she came back and as you can tell from the facts we are still friends. Friendship can last a long time. Well I hope you know a little about me.

Sincerely Me, Just Brie*


Anonymous said...

Fact: I totally love this essay! Brie, you totally need to send me a poem instead of vice versa like it always is. Aww... that was soooo sweet! Darling, you are amazing. This was really cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...sry, that last one was from me. Oh, and that was a really good poem, 2. haha, I nearly forgot to write my name on this one too!!

*** :) Julia