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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Symphony of Snow

The winter orchestra began to play like flutes, piccolos and clarinets harmonizing on Monday afternoon, when the wind peeled over the hills at Gaver‘s Christmas tree farm. Gasps like brass symbols could be heard as chilly children breathed in cold gusts as they ran to find the perfect tree. The sound of sniffling noses let us all know that soon the full winter symphony would begin.
And so it did. Today the soft sound of lightly falling snow began as a whisper and reminded us all that it always begins with one unique flake, intricately and divinely designed. Each falls from the sky proud to express it’s individuality and yet content to combine with others in forming a plush, yet cold, blanket across the fields.
Squeals of children could be heard as noses are pressed against the glass to catch a glimpse of this season’s first snow. The bass section chimes in loudly as each child calls, “please, please mom cancel the history class so we can play in the snow”
And so this year’s season of winter symphonies has begun. Content to have a season pass to watch and listen to the sounds that accompany this symphony we call winter, parents are grateful for the unexpected and compulsive break from routine to remind us of the delight of childhood.
Old boots can be heard clattering across hard wood floors, as each child runs to search for the match to their favorite pair of mittens. Squabbling and squealing is overheard as each lays claim to the warmest, and best mittens in the bin. No matter how many times Dad has matched and rematched the items in the large blue bin, there is still a colorful array of flying mittens as each is more determined than the other to be the first to venture into the snow. Toes are squeezed to see if last year’s boots might fit just one more season and hats are placed on heads with reminders from mom to cover their ears so they won’t get sick.
Mom sits at the window, typing the memories, as she watches five little boys sharing 2 new sleds zipping down the driveway. On tummies, upside down and backwards, children look like beach balls in an ocean of white foam bouncing and bobbling trying to find the fastest route to the bottom.
Cheeks begin to turn pink and thoughts turn to hot cocoa and the toasty fire. With a bang, the front door is open and the giggles of innocence can be heard as warmth is sought in the safety of the home. Snow pants and scarves are scattered as little ones beg for help with pulling off boots so they can play a new game on the computer as the snow continues to fall.
A law should be made that snow play is not allowed until after reading one of our childhood favorites, “Thomas’s snowsuit” to remind us that through the craziness of zippers and ear muffs and getting them on and then off again so soon, it is all about the delight of a frozen treat falling from the sky.

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jennifer said...

How fun - you guys really do have the best hill for sledding!