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Monday, December 3, 2007

Cutting down the Christmas Tree

Tis the Season for finding and chopping the perfect Christmas tree. After homeschool science class learning about brains and skin, we dashed to McDonalds for a quick lunch and then headed with our friends the Magees to Gaver Tree Farm in Mt. Airy. The big attraction to their farm is driving the golf carts through the farm in search of the perfect tree.

Last year, we fit mom and 8 kids onto 1 golf cart with 2 seats. The Magees took the other cart as we bumped and bobbled over what felt like we shoudl be singing, over the river and through the woods. This year we all piled on but the cart wouldn't move. Too much pumpkin pie perhaps or the kids have just grown so darn much, so we took turns riding and other's running alongside. Tina and Brianna took turns driving the white golf cart with the tree carrier attachment, no doubt demonstrating that they are indeed ready for drivers ed.

The kids all wanted a tall and fat tree. This year the farm seemed to be short on tall and fat but we did find a lucky tree, one with an abandoned bird's next and blue bird egg shell. The few snowflakes added a special touch as we put on snowpants, gloves, hats and boots to brave the cold tempetures and the wind advisory. We splurged for the $35 "1, 2, Tree" tree stand in hopes that we would not have a repeat of last year's scream fest in trying to get the tree actually in the stand (vertical being the objective but not the reality) This stand really was 1, 2 Tree and within a couple of minutes, the tree was in the stand and Jadon and Billy were cutting the rope that tightly held the tree tight for the 2 mile ride home. We all love the "pop" when the rope lets the tree poof back out and looks like a tree again. So after a couple of hours, the tree is up, the ornaments placed back on the branches after a few mishaps of broken snowman and Christmas angels and the silver garland is hung. We sit here and sip hot cocoa and have sausage potato soup on this very cold and very windy night and watch Christmas movies.


jennifer said...

How cool to have a tree with a bird's nest in it!!!

Don said...

Im glad you guyz had another good xmas.Seems like cutting down a tree in rain wasent a repeat. Great to hear.

Love your brother,
Donald Quinn