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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Linda at Young Women's Night

Last Night was the young women's activity at church called, "there's no place like home" for their Young Women in Excellence Evening. They had a path through the gym lit with Christmas lights and along the path, characters from the Wizard of Oz; the scarecrow, the tin man, the lion all giving them values of  a brain to make good choices, a heart to feel God's guidance, courage to do what is right. The wicked witch tried to encourage the girls to make poor choices and not make it back to their "heavenly home" with God and their families. The Bishop of the ward was the wizard who pronounced their journeys back successful and commended them for following the right path. It was really an adorable evening. When they got to the end where the wizard was, it was decorated like the temple and the girls families were waiting on the other side of the door representing that families can be together forever through the ordinances performed in the temples. Families are what it is all about, happiness is being together forever with those we love.
     I was especially happy for Linda this evening as she received her Young Women Recognition award of 6 years of hard word at making goals and doing value projects to develop her into a woman of character and integrity. Way to Go Linda! We are really proud of you!!!!

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