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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saint Patrick's day-A Big Celebration at the Quinn's home!

Jadon, Christina covering her face and Grandmom Beverly Kines awaiting the corn beef and cabbage to be served.

Brianna and Ammon enjoying the dress up part of the festivities.
Brandon Quinn and Billy Quinn looking quite festive or maybe more leprechauny
Brianna who was in charge of green decorations, shows off the beautiful green and white St. Patrick's day top hat.
Brianna and Mom
We cooked the Corned Beef in a crock pot this year and it was delicious, I think we will do that next year too, it was great and then we just cooked hte potatoes, cabbage and carrots on the top of the stove and spooned them over the meat when it was all ready to eat.
Even though the cabbage stinks up the whole house, I love it and really love the tradition of having this each St. Patrick's day holiday!

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