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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Basketball season Winter 2009/2009

All the kids except Ammon played basketball this season. The pictures never turn out very well, so I stopped taking them, but I am grateful for the church basketball season and all the adults who dedicate so much time to make a great program. Christina is not a big fan of playing so she was happy when games were in the morning so she could use the excuse that she was at work and couldn't play (which I guess was a pretty good reason). Brandon and Linda were not able to play quite as much as they would have liked as they are at Camp Journey every other week. Then Jadon and Dallin both got bad cases of pertussis (whopping cough) and couldn't play as much as they would have liked either. But Brianna and Billy played all the time and all the kids had a great time when they were able to play. What a great program, we always appreciate the great sportsmanship and the cheering for all kids that make this program so great for the kids's self esteem.

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