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Monday, January 5, 2009

Teen work party

Over Christmas vacation, we had our kids wonderful friends show up for a drywall work party. What a huge help they were in hanging dry wall and mudding and sanding! Thank you to all who helped! The basement is coming along as we add 2 bedrooms to our 3 bedroom house and we are adding a bathroom and a rec room too! If you know anythign about drywall and would like to help, we will take any offers we can! Brandon Quinn standing inside Linda's future closet.
Christina inside the future bathroom towel (and girls zillion hair product and make up) closet inside the bathroom.

Jadon is in the bck with Brianna Quinn, James M. and DJ M inside Linda's room. We are covering up the brick with drywall to make it more like a bedroom for Linda. We used to have a wood stove there but we need the bedroom space more and we have a woodstove upstairs.

James M., DJ M. and Glen T. help us. They are standing in front of the brand new window that we had installed so that Linda's room can qualify as a bedroom for the permit. Josh Bennett installed the window and did a great job!

Natalie L., Kayla T. and Julia L. did a great job spackling in Linda's room.

Aaaron B. shows off his experience in the hall, as he tried to get all the screws to fully go in so we can begin mudding.

Susannah W. helped with taping all the seams.

Zach E. helped get the plastic up between the new rec room and the playroom area and went around to make sure all the drywall screws were in tight.

Susannah W. helped with the taping.

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jennifer said...

How fun! I'm so impressed with everyone's skills.