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Monday, January 5, 2009

More Christmas Photos

Christina is all into baking and making treats, so a cook book to give her some more inspiring ideas.
Brianna is all into slippers and got these funky ones from Christina and then got a motorcycle pair from Don and Kay C.

Jadon is our rubik's cube fanatic, this year he got an electronic one and a 5x 5 which he had solved by the next day.
Brandon loves to built all sorts of great projects

Ammon loves Thomas the Tank Engine

Boys walk in to see what Santa has brought

Our tradition: Kids line up in the hall from youngest to oldest to see what Santa has brought.

The boys generally arrive first

Our tree: Brianna and Christina did a great job stringing popcorn this year.

We love ornaments and received a beautiful one from our friends and bought a few new ones at the thrift store to start some new traditions.


jennifer said...

What a fun Christmas! My family always lined up youngest to oldest on Christmas morning, too. Of course, we didn't have a long a line as you!

Megan Knowles said...

Hey Stephanie,
I found your blog through Whitney's, your kids are so old, and it is so fun to hear about your life.

Valerie said...

What a lovely family!!