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Monday, November 10, 2008

Scouting for Food

One of our favorite projects of the year is Scouting for Food. Last week, Jadon, Dallin, and Billy met at the Food Lion Parking lot in New Market and joined with others from Troop 622 to drive around the area and drop off bags on people's mailboxes to encourage them to fill them with food for the needy to be picked up the following week. This past Saturday, Brandon, Dallin and Billy went and helped pick up the bags. Jadon, Brianna and Linda helped pick up a few and then went to the Food Sorting project at the food bank. When the younger scouts finished collecting the bags, we met back at the Food lion to put it all in one vehicle so that it could be taken to Frederick. There wasn't enough room, so we were able to load up our van and be one of the ones to take it to the food bank, which is always exciting and so very emotional to see the generosity of the families in our community giving to those in need. Dallin, Billy and Brandon helped unload the van and they said they saw Linda, Jadon and Brianna inside sorting all the food. What a great project to help the community and for the kids to learn service.

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