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Friday, November 7, 2008

Brianna Volunteers at Twin Ridge Elementary School

Brianna has been participating with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program of Frederick. Her assignment has been to go to Twin Ridge Elementary school once a week during lunch time and work with a group of girls who need a little bit of special attention. She works with 3-4 second grade girls, eats lunch with them and then works with 3-4 third grade girls and does the same (hmm, does she eat lunch twice???) She goes to recess with the kids and has a great time. She giggles when I pick her up each time saying that she loves how open the kids are all and talk and are so friendly. I think they like that she will play tag with them and climb on the jungle gym right along side the kids. Even though she works with the girls she says that the little boys are always trying to her to run after then and saying that she can't catch them because she is a girl. It is a nice opportunity for Brianna to serve and she gets to see her little brother Ammon in the lunch room and get a hug before working with the other kids.

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jennifer said...

Brianna is so special - she is a great example to all of us and a wonderful person to be around. We love her!