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Monday, November 10, 2008

Brianna and Christina built the closet

I was so incredibly proud of Tina and Brianna. One day they built the closet off the soon to be rec room. They used the circular saw, measured everything correctly, and studded out the closet, it is perfect. What a great education they are getting to learn how to do so many useful things! They have been drilling through all the studs and running the 2 way and 3 way wiring. They learned out to connect the recessed lighting to the wiring. They learned how to strip the wires in the outlet boxes and they are going to learn how to run the telephone and the cable wiring today and tomorow.

We all love the huge window in Linda's room. It has a great view of the back yard and you can even see the beautiful farmland right from her basement window. Plus it brings in so much light. We think she is going to love her room.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

I am COMPLETELY IN AWE of those girls. WOW!