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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found the carpet!

Well we are still in the progress of working on finishing off the basement. This week, Don C., Michael, Tina, Brianna and Linda have been working on nailing up the electric boxes, drilling holes and running the wire from box to box. It is pretty exciting. It is amazing how much thought has to go into thinking about where you want every little outlet, light switch, shower light, closet light etc etc.

A while back when I had visited the Marriott Springhill Suites hotel on my trip to Kirtalnd, OH this summer, I fell in love with the carpet at the hotel. Ok, that sounds strange I know, but I really loved the carpet so much that I took pictures of it to show Michael what type of carpet I would like when we carpeted the basement. When I returned from my trip, I called Marriott and tried to find out the brand of the carpet and furniture but had no luck.
Well, It seems that sometimes God answers prayers that are so unusual that you have to give him the credit because you know it just wouldn't be such a huge coincidence.
Well, I was visiting my favorite store in Frederick, which is hte Habitat for Humanity Restore at 1109 East Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701 301-662-2988. I saw in the corner a huge pile of carpet. They told me that it was brand new commerical (commercial-yippee carpet for a family with 9 kids) carpet that they had been installing at the Marriott Fairfield Inn hotel and this was the left overs. I asked them to hold it and I brought Michael back and he hauled it outside and rolled it out on the parking lot to measure it. There were 3 different patters whose colors matched. We decided we could use one pattern for the current play/game room, one pattern for the steps and one for the soon to be finished rec room. We got a great deal and got all the carpet for $200. When we got home, Brianna was a bit horrified at how very "green" the piece was for the rec room, so she had a brilliant idea to take the same pattern to be used on the steps that we had another piece of and put a square of that inside the center of the green piece. She said this can look really old and out of fashion or really funky on how we do it, so we are going for the really funky look and she and Tina are going to paint matching orange flowers on pale yellow walls to pull all the 3 patterns together and hopefully we will have a very funky looking room instead of a very outdated old room.....I guess we will all wait and see.
Now we are praying we can find someone willing to donate some time to teach us how to lay carpet and to cut out a piece like this and make Brianna's design a reality.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Awesome find!!! I LOVE Brianna's idea for laying the carpet.

Can't wait to see pics of the finished basement!