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Monday, September 1, 2008

Brianna's Fabulous Birthday Trip to NYC Part Seven: The conclusion

This was the last bit of our day. Our last stop in New York was the empire state building. We got in, looked at the line and turned around. Not before I got a picture of the line though (picture #2). We got on the train back to New Jersey. I was very worried at this point because once we got on I asked my dad if he was sure we were on the right train. He replied that he didn't know but thought the chances were pretty good. I really hoped he was right. Well, he was and we made it back and Doug came and picked us up. We went back to his house and had an AWESOME birthday dinner with the BEST cake ever, complete with trick candles. The third picture is of my dad, Quinn and I. Quinn was soooooooo cute! He smiled the whole time I was there. The fourth picture is of my dad, Quinn and my dad's cousin Margret. The last picture is of my dad, Quinn, Margret and Aunt Sis. I had so much fun getting to see them! After that we left and began the long drive home.

The End

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