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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visiting our son Donald in Independence, Missouri

What a wonderful time we had visiting our son Donald in Independence, Missouri. He seemed so much taller when we saw him. We wondered if he had grown or if just not seeing him for such a long time, made him seem older and taller in our eyes. We sure had missed him and appreciate all the wonderful friends who cared for our other 8 children for so many days that allowed us to go and visit Donald, thank you thank you thank you!

We loved that he had put his name on the mailbox in the home where he lives with his biological parents.

We are sure he would love mail, so if any of you would like to write to him, his address is:

Donald Quinn

625 West South Avenue

Independence, Missouri 64050-4334

We hope sometime in the future, he doesn't live so far away that we are able to see him more often but for now, we count it as a wonderful blessing that we were able to visit with him for several days.

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