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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Out to dinner with Grandmom

Across the street from our hotel was a HUGE shopping area called Pittsburg Mills. It seemed kind of strange because it was like there was nothing at all around this area and the poof, you see hotels and shopping but no residential. Someone told us that the residential areas were tucked in not too far away but it seemed kind of unique. The area had a mega movie theatre but the times didn't work for us so we just watched tv back in our hotel room. Billy, Ammon and Dallin outside of the Longhorn Stake House.
Billy, Ammon, Grandom and Dallin outside Longhorn Stake House
Billy, Ammon and Dallin crashing in the foyer of the restaurant after a yummy meal.
Tummies are all full and ready to go back to the hotel.

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