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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home of Lorenzo Snow and his sister Eliza R. Snow

Eric and Gloria P. stand in front of the home where Lorenzo Snow (related to our family) and his sister Eliza R. Snow once lived.


In 1831, Joseph Smith Junior, the Latter Day Saint prophet, took up residence in Hiram, OH, four miles from the Snow farm. The Snow family were Baptists, but soon took a strong interest in the new religious movement. Snow recorded that he heard the Book of Mormon being read in his home in Mantua and met Smith at Hiram in 1831. By 1835, Lorenzo's mother and his older sister Eliza Roxey Snow, had joined the Latter-day Saint church. Eliza soon moved to the church headquarters in Kirland, OH worked as a school teacher. She, in her biography of Lorenzo, claims to have fostered his interest in Mormonism while he was at Oberlin. She invited Lorenzo to visit her and attend a school of Hebrew newly established by the church. During his visit there, in June of 1836, Lorenzo was Baptized by John F. Boyton a member of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles.

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carolcba said...

hola. perdon pero necesito de su ayuda, quiero encontrar a un elder llamado Michael Lorenzo Snow, quizas no tenga nada que ver con uds pero necesito saber de el, el me bautizo hace 12 años en Argentina... podra ayudarme???