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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Dance

Brianna and James M.
Billy, Christian C. and Madison C. having fun at the dance. DJ M. and Carol
Christian M. and DJ M.

Christian M. and Brandon sitting on the railing watching everyone dance.
Dad Michael and Jadon having a good time together. Lauren H. and Linda had a great time at the dance.

Dallin and Madison C. doing a line dance. Christina and Dad doing the jitterbug.
Brianna is having a good time with new friends from the conference.
a new friend, Lacey M. and Lindsay H. also enjoyed dancing.

Probably the family's favorite part of the entire LDS EHE homeschool conference was the family dance. We all had a fantastic time. It is too bad the pictures of Dad dancing with Christina doing the jitterbug together didn't come out. As I do these posts I realize I don't have any pictures of Tina, it is probably because she was off having such a great time with all the new friends she met at the conference. The teen conference was for ages 12 to 19, so Dallin, Brandon, Jadon, Linda, Brianna and Christina all attended and had a marvelous time! The speakers were aweseome and motivating. The saw kids that they hadn't seen since last year at the conference that was held at Southern Virginia University and they also met some new kids.

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