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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jefferson Jackson Democratic Dinner

When we had our homeschool government class, we had Dr. Kerr from Frederick Community college come to speak to us about "what it means to be a Democrat". We also had speakers on "what it means to be a Republican", and "the role of a County Commissioner" We had the president of the League of Women Voters Speak and a Field Rep from Senator Benjamin Cardin's office speak on what it means to be a senator. It wa s a very informative class. Brianna is our daughter most interested in politics and she enjoyed the class so much ! She was thrilled when Dr. Kerr offered a ticket to the upcoming Democratic dinner held in Frederick where Senator Cardin spoke. Brianna attended the dinner and was able to meet some of the kids from the Young Democrats club at FCC. It was a great experience for her to be able to not only listen to all her mom's Republican ideas but to listen to the Democratic position on issues as well.

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