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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yesterday, Christina, Brianna and Linda attended RAD (Regional Activity Day) at the Frederick Stake Center Chapel. Kids from all over the area were joined by kids from the York, Pennsylvania area. The adults totally outdid themselves as hundreds of teens enjoyed volleyball, swimming, black light volleyball, human battleship, games, and a fun comedian movie.
The day went from noon until 4:00 when they had Subway sandwhiches for dinner and then had time to get ready for the dance.

Brianna and Christina were part of a dance troup that did a floor show in the middle of the dance. They had learned swing dance, a waltz and Cottoneyed Joe. The swing dance was so much fun to watch. Tina did what was called the pancake. She did a handstand into her partner Taylor S. and he grabbed her legs (while Tina was upside down), pulled her up and then she slid down. The crowd cheered, it was so much fun! At the end of Brianna's routine, her partner carried her off the floor.

The youth in this group during the cottoneyed joe, dance for a bit and then pulled other kids from the audience in to join them. My mom Bev K. and I so enjoyed watching all this.

Then they had a professional swing dance couple do 2 dances, they were fabulous! The Dance was a St. Patrick's day dance and Monocacy Ward had decorated, with the theme, "Lucky Charms" which was so cute, so for refreshments, they not only had a chocolate fountain with strawberries and pineapple and other snacks, they had trays of Lucky Charms cereal, it was very cute!

Linda couldn't have been happier hanging out with her friend Nora. How wonderful that she has such a great friend with who she can be herself and just have so much fun!

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