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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting to Washington DC.....

Well it is always stressful for our family to make a trip to DC. Not only do we get lost most of the time but we have a VERY difficult time finding parking for our oversized van. It is not as bad as our previous van which had a raised roof and wouldn't fit ANYWHERE. So along with Michael's Walmart Christmas present of a GPS we thought we would have better luck this time. We decided not to take the metro because it is so expensive for us to ride, and we thought the $15 to $20 parking fee would be more economical. Stephanie decided to drive since she is scared to death to drive to DC but was in one of those moods, to over come this fear!!! So much for stress, it was VERY stressful. Our plan was to park at Union Station, where we eventually did make it. We stopped in the bus lot to ask where we could park and I guess with one look at our van and 7 kids jumping inside they told us we could park with all the buses. We thought that was too funny! Union Station is really delightful inside. Lots of cool shops and restaurants. However we opted for bottled water in the car and although we all begged for ice cream on the way home, we agreed that we had some in the freezer at home and it would do just as well. We did get to go out to lunch on our trip to DC. We went from the library of Congress Jefferson building, down to the basement and through tunnel after tunnel. People we passed looked at us (and our friends the M.'s that were with us) like we really weren't supposed to be down there. Eventually we found our way out of the maze (after several times getting off and then on the elevator as we couldn't find the right floor...they all looked the same). We eat lunch at the library of Congress cafeteria which was economical and delicious. The only glitch was when our 2 families showed up with 11 kids, the manger came up to us, all startled, thinking we were a group. He informed us that only employees could eat there until 12:30 p.m.. We told him we were not a group, just 2 families and he let us stay and it was yummy especially the pizza slices!
We had to get in one more shot of our family with the beautiful Capital of our country in the background.

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