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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brandon starts gymnastics classes

Brandon started gymnastics class this week at Skyview Gymmastics. Thanks to a wonderful friend who saw Brandon's potential for gymanstics, he is now having a blast jumping, swinging and flipping all over the place. Skyview Gymnastics offers boys classes and Brandon is in their Boys 2 class. I couldn't have been more impressed with the instructor who was motivating and encouraging but whose skills at redirection made Brandon feel positive and good about himself. As a mommy it was so fun to watch Brandon do such a great job, we were really impressed at the neat things Brandon seem to do with ease and how quickly he learned new skills when something was demonstrated to him. I doubt that we will stay each week to watch the 90 minute class, but Grandmom and I had a great time watching Brandon this first week, and even managed through the few times when our heart leaped out of our chest as Brandon when flying in the air. I think gymnastics seems like a great fit for Brandon and I was thrilled to see this huge smile on his face for almost the entire 90 minutes! Way to go Brandon!

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